5-Week Personal Growth and Development Mastermind Series

By Everyday Leaders Professional Coaching and Consulting | | 3.7.23

Everyday Leaders Professional Coaching and Consulting is offering this exclusive personal development series is only available right now in 2023 to help you gain clarity in your goals, accelerate your beliefs, and gain momentum in your life.

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Join this exclusive 5-Week Personal Growth and Development Mastermind Series Today. This Personal Growth Mastermind Series is designed to help you develop yourself in the following areas:


These Leadership Challenges will help you to develop consistent strategies to become a better communicator, parent, caregiver, employee, employer, spouse, partner, friend, and leader.

Everyone Deserves to be led well, Become a Better Leader in Your Life. Today.

I will help you. I've been where you are. I was going through the motions of life, being overwhelmed with HOW to fill the void in my heart to make a difference in my life. I was "successful," yet, I was "unfulfilled." Then I discovered the journey of PERSONAL GROWTH.

Over the last eight years, I have studied over 36,000 hours in Personal Growth and Development. I have trained individuals and organizations worldwide with the values I've been learning from my mentor Dr. John C. Maxwell.

Discover Your VALUES Gaps, what is holding you back, and how can resolve your gaps faster.

Discover Your WHY-The Real Algorithm for your life that fuels your energy is uncovered and included five weeks of LIVE YOUR VALUES COACHING.

Becoming Aware of Your Gifts and How to Use These to Make A Bigger Impact in Your Life. Get ready to get clear and accelerate your growth.

Understanding the Art of Communicating With Others Learning to deliver value every time you speak or write.

Reflecting on Your Life and Using it to Propel You in 2023!

The purpose and effectiveness of adding value to others and how to create sustainable consistency!

How you do one thing is how you do everything; let's start with one thing and create a plan for your success.


This EXCLUSIVE Mastermind Series also includes a Replay to the Heart of Leadership Live event on Sunday, Dec 5th, 2021, with 25 Leaders speaking about using their Heart for Leadership Every Day. Leaders included Gary Brackett, Indianapolis Colts Superbowl Captain; John Eades: Founder of Learnloft and author of Building Better Leaders with over 230K subscribers, Chip Baker, The Success Chronicles; Jeff Hancher- The Champion Forum, Jennifer Garrett, Move the Ball, Lachelle Adkins-America's Supermom,-mother of 15 children and survivor of mental health hospitalizations, Traci Morrow-Beach Body Coach-mentor and leader with John Maxwell, Tim Shurr-Shurr Success Hypnotist, Meredith Bell-Growing Strong Leaders, Suzanne Castle-the Sparkle Club, David McGlennen-Impact Leadership, Steve Gielda,-Ignite Selling Strategies, Sparkle Lindsey-Sparkle Time-Certified Recovery Coach, Ryan Blasko, Professional Job Transition Coach, Diane Dick, Legacy Training and Development and more........

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