Johnson County Means Business

More so than other Midwestern communities, Johnson County, Indiana is bolstered by strong and vibrant communities, skilled workforce and an economy that provides opportunities for growth across industries. We believe these assets should be used as catalysts to spur further growth. 

// Economic Development Strategic Plan

Aspire Economic Development Chamber Alliance Johnson County Indiana

We’ve developed a five-year plan to chart a path forward for the county — one that identifies opportunities and corresponding goals. In order to succeed, we have identified two key measures of success by 2025:

Attract/Develop 50% more Advanced Industries jobs

(From 4,104 jobs in 2020 to 6,156 in 2025)

Grow average annual wage by 15% for all workers

(From $19.23 in 2020 to $22.11 in 2025)

After extensive data collection and analysis, we have developed a series of goals that, once achieved, will ensure our economy — and communities — continues thriving over the next five years and well beyond. Measured collectively, these goals will benefit the entire community — local stakeholders, business leaders and the community at large. 

Aspire Economic Development Chamber Alliance Johnson County Indiana


Drive innovation to boost business and industry development.


  • Integrate a tailored approach to target aspirational industry cluster initiatives, such as the Advanced Industries, to expand business attraction, retention, expansion, and startups.

  • Target business attraction of Advanced Industries and the upstream and downstream supply chain by creating a framework for decision-making.

  • Increase functionality of incentives for high-impact projects and recalibrate the incentive matrix for other important, but lower-impact projects.

  • Utilize technology like virtual tours and drone video to increase site selector and corporate end users.

  • Pinpoint exporting opportunities for both the existing industry base and the Advanced Industries.

  • Identify and promote existing small-business assets in the region and celebrate success stories.

  • Create/deepen existing systematic and synergistic relationships between industry and university/college research and talent development.

  • Support the expansion of entrepreneurship programming in K-12. Increase partnerships with higher education institutions and existing employers to support technology-based development programs oriented toward entrepreneurial development, risk capital, and the commercialization of research into new companies and products.

  • Formalize and market a Business Retention and Expansion program.

  • Support the modernization and technology deployment to enhance business productivity.
Aspire Economic Development Chamber Alliance Johnson County Indiana


Boost site development for catalyst projects.


  • Deploy infrastructure including broadband, roads, water, sewer, electric, and natural gas to strategic sites along commercial connectivity nodes.

  • Develop a strategic opportunity initiative to define targeted inventory for developable land and redevelopment sites for each partner community and throughout Johnson County.

  • Convene developer roundtables to showcase inventory with a marketing package of data and maps.

  • Launch planning forum to help Johnson County’s elected leaders, planning department staff, and economic developers identify and implement best practices in planning and development.

  • Study and implement plans for transportation and transit corridors to ease transportation challenges, including impacts of I-69 development.
Aspire Economic Development + Chamber Alliance


Nurture community collaboration and engagement.


  • Reinforce regionalism by expanding and deepening communication channels among community partners to build trust, unity, and a common vision.

  • Create an organized approach to tailoring economic development outreach and engagement.

  • Increase targeted communication and collaboration among business, government, anchor institutions, not-for-profit organizations, and primary and secondary education institutions.

  • Create and/or support youth and young professional civic engagement initiatives to develop long-term community-enhancing policies.

  • Provide support and mentoring to young professionals seeking public office.
Aspire Economic Development Chamber Alliance Johnson County Indiana


Embrace and pursue opportunities for enhanced livability and quality of place.


  • Collaborate with housing stakeholders to understand issues and develop solutions to housing problems.

  • Establish community conversations focused on inclusivity and engagement of other cultures and demographics.

  • Collaborate with the Convention, Visitor, and Tourism Board on marketing campaigns to target talent and industry profiles.

  • Investigate availability and quality of healthcare and mental healthcare services and its impact to employers and workers.

  • Encourage small-business development to increase locally owned retail establishments and restaurants or to support industries complementing the targeted Advanced Industries.
Aspire Economic Development Chamber Alliance Johnson County Indiana


Magnify and deliver robust education and workforce endeavors.


  • Prioritize organizational partnership development with university and college partners, such as Franklin College, Ivy Tech Community College, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, University of Indianapolis, Indiana University, Butler University, Marian University, Purdue University and IUPUI.

  • Increase talent connection to 21st century skills through pipeline development of youth, training (and retraining) of the existing workforce and talent attraction. 
Aspire Economic Development Chamber Alliance Johnson County Indiana

We’re well on our way toward achieving our goals. To learn more about our strategic plan, including our key performance indicators and how it could benefit residents, business owners and the local workforce, download our guide by clicking the button below.