Cultivating Learning and Growth

By Kurt Schoch, President and Leadership Coach, Performance Improvement Consulting and Sandy Dean, Consulting Partner, Performance Improvement Consulting | | 1.29.24

There is little question that any organization today requires growth, development, and resiliency in order to pursue its mission and purpose. From nonprofits to schools, healthcare, service or manufacturing, strategic, future-oriented decisions are required to establish and maintain direction and competitiveness. Economic, competitive, regulatory, and other external forces regularly bring pressure on the organization and its workforce to improve, learn, and grow.

A resulting hunger and desire for growth and continuous improvement is consistently found within many industries including health care, utilities, manufacturing, engineering, and others. Leaders want to lead effectively into the future; the workforce wants to improve relationships and teamwork towards achieving the organization’s mission; and all levels of the enterprise want to know how they support processes that achieve customer satisfaction and expectations.

Our tag line is intentionally “Cultivating Learning and Growth” because we believe the client organization and its workforce are the key source of learning and growth – our work is to cultivate it and help it grow.

For example:

The Five Behaviors® Team Development® provides opportunities for teams to devise their own solutions to team challenges, through a recognized team development model;

Everything DiSC® assessments provide individuals the insights to adjust behaviors for improved working relationships;

The 6 Types of Working Genius reveals an individual’s innate gifts and talents, which, taken together, improve team productivity and outcomes;

The SLII Experience® teaches leaders how to lead situationally by giving their people the right support and direction at the right time;

The Leadership Challenge® equips leaders with five practices of exemplary leadership to improve their leadership effectiveness.

And each of these can be followed up with individual or group coaching to enhance the learning and growth experience.

About the authors:

Kurt Schoch, EdD. President and Leadership Coach, Performance Improvement Consulting.

Kurt is a professional coach and educator with over 30 years’ experience in corporate training and development, organizational development, professional and business coaching, and performance improvement. He has worked and consulted in health care, higher education, manufacturing, utilities, and nonprofit industries.


  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ - Certified Trainer
  • Five Behaviors® Team Development – Accredited Facilitator
  • The 6 Types of Working Genius - Certified

Sandy Dean, Consulting Partner, Performance Improvement Consulting

Sandy is a seasoned organizational development professional with over 35 years of experience in the utility and healthcare industries. She has extensive experience in multiple aspects of organizational development include strategic workforce planning, leadership and employee development, instructional design, corporate training, and performance management.


  • The SLII Experience® - Certified Trainer
  • The Leadership Challenge® - Certified Trainer, Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) Coach

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