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By EZ Declutter Solutions | | 4.29.24

Tricia Thomas is the owner of EZ Declutter Solutions and is a Certified Professional Organizer and a Life Coach. Her background includes a bachelor’s degree from Ball State University and 30+ years working in pharmaceutical sales, TV & sports advertising, cardiology, and 4 years working with disaster relief and medical device sales.

She is currently a member of Professional Organizers of Indiana, a team member of the Alzheimer’s Association, multiple chambers of commerce, and she attends multiple networking groups on a regular basis.

Her passion is to help ease the stress for overwhelmed seniors and families who are transitioning through life changes! Seeing the positive impact her work is having on her clients’ lives is incredibly rewarding to her and these are the moments that fuel her passion! She is happy to bring her expertise and her life coaching skills in any situation to make a client feel more joy and have hope that they are not alone! Together her team will support you through any transition and create a customized plan that fits your specific needs! Tricia believes in giving back, so EZ Declutter Solutions partners with many different charities and animal shelters to repurpose the items that are so generously donated and recycles when needed!

Tricia is also available to educate others in the community about the topics below by offering public speaking services.

Her team provides ongoing support for the following:

Decluttering/Hoarding/Staging: Decluttering has many proven benefits: it reduces stress and anxiety, increases productivity, saves time and money, improves relationships and overall health, and decreases risk of falls. Decluttering also removes the burden from your loved ones after you pass! Her team has worked in all conditions from clients who need assistance with clearing out multiple rooms or a garage, to decluttering a home in preparation to sell, and with clients who are diagnosed with hoarding disorder!

Downsizing: Seniors who have accumulated and inherited items over the years and empty nesters often need help with downsizing! Downsizing involves more than just reducing possessions. It's about letting go of the excess and creating room for what brings joy and purpose to reflect what truly matters! EZ Declutter Solutions can help clients identify which items to keep, donate, or discard, and how to handle sentimental items, making the transition to a space more manageable and stress free.

Professional Organizing: Whether you need help in your kitchen, office, basement, or garage, or the entire home, she can create personalized storage solutions and coach you on how to maintain them so you can find things quickly when you need them.

Estate Clean Outs: Losing a loved one can provide a difficult time for all and her team will provide compassion when helping with sorting through and clearing out a loved one’s belongings. Their efficient service ensures the orderly handling and removal of belongings, allowing families to focus on what truly matters.

Move Management (for seniors transitioning into senior living or families on the move) EZ Declutter Solutions offers comprehensive relocation assistance, including packing, unpacking, and removing unwanted items. Her team will ensure a smooth transition to your new space and set up your new home for optimal functionality. They will handle ALL of the details for this transition, including the supplies needed!


Non-judgmental Support: She understands that clutter and disorganization can happen to anyone, and they approach each project with empathy and respect. You can trust that her team will provide a judgment-free environment where you can openly discuss your challenges and work together towards a solution.

Customized Approach: She believes that organizing solutions should be tailored to your specific requirements. She will take the time to understand your goals, ensuring that the end result reflects your unique personality and enhances your daily lifestyle.

Experience and Expertise: She has had years of training and education, and her team has successfully tackled a wide range of projects, from small condos to large estates, and they will bring this expertise to every client they work with.

EZ Declutter Solutions looks forward to taking this journey with you and supporting you in any way they can!

Tricia would love to connect with each of you to learn more about your business and how you can support one another and collaborate together!

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When I first moved in my house everything went into my garage. My garage was so full and unorganized I didn’t know where to begin. I was so embarrassed to ask for help, but I knew if I didn’t my garage would stay that way forever. I decided to call EZ Declutter Solutions. Tricia was Amazing! I thought she would say No Way when she saw my garage. I couldn’t believe it. I am so happy I can now park my car in the garage and find things I forgot I had. Thank you, Tricia! You Rock!

Julie B


EZ Declutter Solutions did an AMAZING job for me recently. I was faced with an unimaginable responsibility of decluttering an area (beyond my control) and there was no way I could have tackled it myself. I found Tricia, owner of EZ Declutter Solutions. It began with a phone call and a consultation was scheduled immediately to see what I needed help with. Tricia is very professional and friendly and so easy to talk with. In no time she was there and ready to do her magic! Tricia has put in so much time developing her expertise. And it most definitely shows from the finished outcome. I strongly recommend EZ Declutter Solutions! I will be using Tricia again in the very near future! She truly cares for her clients and their happiness.

Cindy M.


Tricia did a great job helping us with several projects. My husband and I are now empty-nesters and between us and our daughters we had accumulated so much over the years. We have a five-bedroom house and needed to downsize but didn't know where to begin. She helped to make our decisions easy, when deciding what we should keep or donate. We were surprised how fast and efficient she was with our time. We will definitely be using her in the near future when we transition into our new home.

Michelle H.


They helped a client of mine clear their home after years of hoarding and the outcome was fantastic not only did they clean and organized but Tricia took the time to educate the client on how to maintain their new found organization!!!! I recommend her to everyone!!!

Scott C.