Giving Tuesday Drives Support for Nonprofits

By Aspire Economic Development + Chamber Alliance | | 11.21.23

November 28th is Giving Tuesday which serves as a day for celebrating the role nonprofit organizations play in the community. The day is an opportunity for philanthropy to take center stage, reminding people of the power they hold to make a positive impact on their communities.

However, the impact of Giving Tuesday is not just confined to a single day; it reverberates throughout the year, especially for non-profit organizations relying on the generosity of individuals to fuel their missions.

Aspire emphasizes the vital role nonprofits play to not only enhance the quality of life and provide much needed services for residents but also contribute significantly to Aspire's company and talent attraction initiatives.

“We are fortunate to have many wonderful non-profit organizations in and around the Johnson County area doing work that directly impacts our residents and businesses,” said Angela Vandersteen, Vice President of Investor Development and Relations at Aspire.

“The work these organizations are doing, especially in workforce, housing, and placemaking, is also helping Aspire in our company and talent attraction efforts.”

The effects of Giving Tuesday on Johnson County are substantial. Increased funding resulting from this day of giving empowers these organizations to expand their reach and deepen their impact.

“Without support from donors, and the boost events like Giving Tuesday provides, our non-profits cannot do this important work, and that is why we kindly encourage anyone who can to participate during this global day of giving,” said Vandersteen.

As donors prepare to participate on November 28th, it's crucial to exercise due diligence. Researching organizations, understanding their missions, and ensuring they are reputable can safeguard against potential issues.

Donors should also be cautious of scams and phishing attempts, verifying the authenticity of donation links before making any financial commitment.

“Donors need to be careful and vet who they know and be careful who they are giving to,” said Nancy Plake, Executive Director at United Way of Johnson County. “They really need to make sure that the organization is active and serving individuals in their community.”

Plake recommends that donors use resources like to research organizations and find out if they are legitimate. Guide Star has an extensive database of nonprofit organizations and agencies and can provide information for making sure donor funds go to their intended recipients.

“One of the best ways to vet donors is to go through Guide Star. Make sure that there is a local address and verify that it is real,” she said.

For non-profit organizations seeking to make the most of Giving Tuesday, promotional materials will be crucial. Clear communication of their mission and the tangible outcomes of donations can resonate with potential donors.

Leveraging social media and other online platforms to amplify their message can broaden their reach and attract a diverse pool of contributors.

“I recommend organizations really promote it to constituents and clients and use their social media, but have fun with it,” said Plake.