Healthcare Partnerships in Johnson County

By Aspire Economic Development + Chamber Alliance | | 12.6.22

Healthcare services in Johnson County are expanding through several partnerships between major hospitals. With these new collaborations, patients can now enjoy the benefits of localized care with the support and resources of nationally recognized networks.

Healthcare providers will also benefit from these partnerships as they can share access to expertise, technology, funding, and personnel to provide members of the community with the latest and highest-quality care available.

Johnson Memorial Health has recently become a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network because of a shared commitment to a patient-centered care philosophy. The network is known for being a carefully selected group of top-rated independent healthcare organizations.

JMH will have access to Mayo Clinic’s well-established resources including the latest research, diagnostic and treatment recommendations from one of the highest-ranked hospitals in the country. Traveling great distances to seek adequate medical care is an added headache for many patients and families already dealing with serious medical conditions. Doctors at JMH can consult specialized experts anywhere else in the Care Network to help patients with rarer and more complex conditions closer to home.

Another major partnership in the local health and wellness industry is the integration of MD Anderson Cancer Center into the Community Health Network. This partnership is critical in the fight against cancer as MD Anderson has been named by US News & World Reports as one of the nation’s top two hospitals for cancer care each year since 1990.

Franciscan has been increasing their engagement with the community and involvement in the fight against cancer this year as well. Franciscan Alliance, Inc. and Rush University System for Health (RUSH) have signed a letter of intent and associated services agreement to provide Franciscan Health Olympia Fields advisory services for graduate-level medical education and physician recruitment.

The combination of Franciscan and RUSH’s healthcare services means that the two institutions will share academic and field expertise along with support for education programs for new doctors.

Franciscan Health has also formed a joint venture with Johnson Memorial Health and the Cancer Care Group. The partnership was formed through the three organizations’ shared commitment to furthering cancer treatment and research.

These new coalitions are vital additions to Johnson County’s efforts to improve public health and human resources. Partnerships with the state’s leading healthcare providers that are connected to the nation’s leading research and treatment options allow them to best support the health needs of the workforce and the community.

“Johnson County truly benefits from the global reach of these healthcare organizations. Partnerships like the Mayo Clinic and MD Anderson provide access to new technologies, treatment options and the collective research of globally recognized leaders in their field,” said Amanda Rubadue, Vice President of Economic Development at Aspire. “Johnson County is blessed to have these partners in our backyard, leading the charge in cutting-edge healthcare.”