Melahni Ake, Everyday Leaders, Offers Personal Leadership Workshop Over 5 Weeks

By Melahni Ake | | 1.9.23

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Hey Everyday Leaders,

It’s that time again! January I always offer a 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth Class for leaders who are ready to realign in their purpose! This class evaluates your core values and week one will provide clarity on WHAT FUELS YOU everyday and more importantly what IS HOLDING YOU BACK from Success!

We are going to start Jan 15th for 5 weeks!

It’s only $275 per person and includes all your materials!

If you have a work team or a small group at your church or in your community organizations, this is a program that can create your clarity and momentum to drive change in your life and career in 2023!

I’ve watched leaders transform their lives in a few months when they start with this ONE CLASS.

I am also offering this for business owners as a mastermind series with your teams. This can be offered on site or virtually.

Listen, if you are ready to grow. You won’t ever forget this class. This class changed my life.

The first 15 people to join also get a 30 minutes complimentary coaching session and an introduction to discovering YOUR WHY.

If You Are A COACH, I’ll share my SECRETS to determining your clients WHY based on the principles in the 15 Invalubale Laws of Growth Values Training……100% guaranteed.

Thank you!

Melahni Ake, CLDT, BS
President and Founder, Everyday Leaders, LLC
Co-Founder-SCALE for Women, LLP