Member Profile: AccuPay

By AccuPay | | 6.6.24


Employers have many options when selecting a partner for Payroll and Human Resources. Why choose AccuPay? We think there are some very good reasons!


Call the same person every time!

AccuPay’s business model, from inception, is to provide every client, regardless of size, with their VERY OWN PAYROLL SPECIALIST – someone you will get to know and who will get to know you as well! This translates into “consistency of service” and fewer mistakes since your payroll specialist knows you as an employer, knows any special “quirks/needs” and takes pride in serving you! AccuPay hires individuals who are motivated, continual learners, and enjoy serving their clients with excellence. Each of our payroll specialists has her own “payroll buddy” who is the primary backup when your own payroll specialist is on vacation, out on PTO, etc. AccuPay will never use a “call center” approach to client service, nor will we ever require you to submit your questions to an online “queue” or via a general email account. Payroll is “time sensitive” and requires immediate attention if something seems amiss or requires tweaking and tuning. Providing personalized service to clients is at the very core of why AccuPay was established back in 1994—-and it serves our clients and us well!!



AccuPay encourages our staff to be continual learners in the payroll and HR industry. We have several on our team who are credentialed by SHRM as “HR pros” and we also have many of our payroll specialists who are Certified Payroll Specialists/CPP’s. Our founder was a practicing CPA who helped many small to medium sized employers with tax strategies, and thus AccuPay’s foundation is based on tax expertise by a CPA in public accounting. Much of the culture of AccuPay is similar to a reputable local CPA firm, which is the reason AccuPay was founded in 1994—-to provide a higher level of expertise than the national payroll companies to the small-medium sized employer community. We view ourselves as a professional services firm which provides technical advice/answers to our clients instead of simply “renting” our software. Click below to read our blog, which we regularly update with a corresponding “PayDay” email newsletter to educate clients on important payroll, tax and HR topics.



Our primary differentiator from other payroll/HR companies is our customer service coupled with expertise from professionals in payroll, taxes, ACA and HR—–BUT we do realize that our software platform must be an excellent “hire to retire” system which provides all payroll and HR solutions from a single database platform, no differently than the national companies. AccuPay licenses our software from isolved, which is a cloud-based human capital management software developer headquartered in Charlotte NC. isolved software is used by over 177,000 employers to serve over 7 million employees—-as such, isolved is used for payroll/HR by more employers than Paycom, Paylocity and Paycor combined (all 3 are publicly traded companies). Isolved is highly rated by independent HR rating companies, to include Sapient, G2, and others. The isolved platform enables employers to use applicant tracking, online onboarding, “smart tax withholding calculations for all 50 states,” ACA tracking/reporting, PTO accruals/tracking, HR performance reviews, 401k plan integrations, benefits enrollments, essentially the complete “hire to retire” workforce management functions. Our implementation and training teams do not simply “dump” the software with a “you will figure it out” approach, but instead will thoroughly train you on all aspects of the isolved system.



Audits of Systems and Finance, backed by Insurance

The large national payroll companies use outside CPA firms to review their systems/controls and their finances—-So do we!!. AccuPay’s systems/procedures/internal controls have been audited twice by an outside CPA firm, both resulting in SOC audit reports which we can provide you upon request. We also have an annual CPA review of our financial statements, which we provide to our bank, Regions Bank. Regions reviews our business financial statements and day to day cash flows in order to provide AccuPay with $25 million of daily ACH exposure, which means we can provide our employer-clients with the same payroll/tax impound terms as our national competitors do. All of our technology is “in the cloud” and off premises, and we have multiple internet providers in case one of them “goes down” temporarily. Our building and processing facility has a commercial generator which kicks in when the power goes out so that we can process payrolls during an energy outage. AccuPay has insurance/bonding for errors/omissions and employee theft. We are happy to provide you with a copy of our written Peace of Mind Kit upon request.


No “What’s That?” Charges – No Contracts

AccuPay’s pricing structure has been developed over 30 years and is competitive with other payroll/HR service providers—-sometimes more, often less. We adopted a “pricing with integrity” written policy many years ago which prohibits us from “deep discounting” our pricing upfront with the intention of later increasing rates to normal levels—-we do not feel that is professional and focuses more on upfront cost than service excellence. All of our clients have the same pricing terms with the exception of churches and other 501(c)3 organizations, to which we permanently discount our pricing by 10% as an investment in those organizations which do good deeds in our communities. We have never had contracts which lock clients in as to dates, since we feel if we are not performing with excellence, we do not want to prohibit clients from moving to another company—as such, we do not have “termination fees,” which we have seen become a deterrent for an employer to change payroll/HR providers for a more suitable solution for their needs. Our “pricing with integrity” written policy discloses that AccuPay increases pricing to clients by 3-4% in May of each year—we chose not to increase our pricing during 2020 since many of our clients were struggling with uncertainty during the pandemic. If a mistake is made by us, we “own it” and do not blame (or charge!) the client for a mistake we made.

To learn more about AccuPay or to see an online or in-person demo of the isolved People Cloud software, contact us today at 317-885-7600 or or complete the online contact form.