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By Member Profile: Air Vent | | 9.25.23

Air Vent is a ventilation manufacturer within the Gibraltar Building Accessories Division. Gibraltar Building Accessories Division brings together leading manufactures of building materials and accessories. The Division is made up of Air Vent, Appleton Supply, Award Metals, Dot Metals, Norwesco, Quality Aluminum Products, and SEMCO (Southeastern Metals). The products and services we provide serve a large number of customers in a variety of industries throughout the world from facilities in the United States, Canada, China, and Japan.

Air Vent, headquartered in Dallas, TX, is a full-line manufacturer of attic intake and exhaust vents. We also make foundation vents.

A core message we’ve been championing to home builders, architects, remodelers, and roofing contractors is: Attic ventilation must be both intake and exhaust airflow balanced evenly. That is the most effective way to help fight potentially damaging heat and moisture buildup inside the attic. It also helps stay ahead of ice dams in cold climates. Thus, we offer quite a variety of options for both intake and exhaust vents.

Our exhaust vent lineup includes: shingle-over ridge vents (featuring our flagship ShingleVent® II), a variety of roof louvers, wind turbines, gable louvers, and both roof-mount & gable-mount power fans – traditional electric and solar powered.

For intake ventilation we offer: rectangular undereave vents, continuous soffit vents, vented drip edge, and roof-top shingle-over Edge Vent.

Our Gibraltar Building Accessories Division offers additional options, too.

Air Vent has been relentlessly committed to collecting FROM and sharing WITH the residential roofing industry best practices in attic ventilation. This includes mistakes to avoid, installation tips, success stories, and case studies from across North America. Since 1998, our Attic Ventilation: Ask the Expert™ Seminars have been a popular platform for this endeavor. Offered free to the industry every 1st quarter in-person and virtually, the ATE seminars have become our community of sharing knowledge.

Other educational efforts include our monthly podcast Airing It Out With Air Vent, monthly lesson plans and fun pop quizzes on campus of Air Vent University on, consumer-focused content via Homeowner Hut on our website, and our strong presence on social media via Found in the Field, Tip of the Week and Resource Alert.

We know airflow.

Suzy Colvin

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