Member Profile: Independence Village of Greenwood

By Independence Village of Greenwood | | 1.9.23

Redefining Senior Living at Independence Village of Greenwood

With over 40 years of experience, Independence Village has been honored to serve seniors and families across the country, especially in Greenwood, Johnson County.

Independence Village of Greenwood is 100% resident-focused. That means employees take the time to make sure residents of the community know that they belong, and they matter.

It’s in the little things they do — like knowing who likes their coffee black, who has the biggest belly laugh, who spent the day with their grandkids yesterday and how it went.

But it’s in the big things, too.

Providing the absolute best experience for seniors and their families is the community’s mission. And they have the awards to back it up.

Independence Village of Greenwood earned the 2022 Best of Senior Living award from A Place For Mom, an award solely given based on the reviews and testimonials of seniors and families the community served.

“The team absolutely goes above and beyond to provide the absolute best experience for our residents,” said Karen Rumple, Executive Director of Independence Village of Greenwood. “These residents and their families deserve the best, and that’s exactly what we strive to give them.”

At Independence Village of Greenwood, the community offers a variety of services to meet residents where they’re at in their journey. These living options include enhanced living (a service unique to Independence Village where residents add services to their preferred independent setting), assisted living and memory care.

With Connections Points Memory Care Approach, the Independence Village team took all they’ve seen and wished for during their decades of experience to create Connections Points Memory Care Approach. It’s science-backed, yet extremely personal to every resident, giving all residents, team members and families the best possible experience, one connection point at a time.

Want to discover more? Call Independence Village of Greenwood at 317-449-0830, and they’ll guide you to the living option that’s right for you.