Member Profile: JPtheGeek

By Aspire Economic Development + Chamber Alliance | | 11.7.23

At JPtheGeek, we take your business's digital security seriously. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) based out of Greenwood, Indiana, we offer cutting-edge cybersecurity services to protect your organization from evolving online threats. Our exceptional team of IT professionals is dedicated to safeguarding your digital assets. With their expertise, proactive approach, and round-the-clock monitoring, you can trust JPtheGeek to fortify your cybersecurity defenses, ensuring peace of mind as you focus on your core business objectives. We also offer free webinars to educate our community on the importance of understanding and utilizing new technologies and updates!

Don't leave your business's security to chance; let JPtheGeek's experts provide the protection you need to thrive in the digital age!

Contact us today to discuss how our cybersecurity services can benefit your business. With JPtheGeek, you're not just getting technology solutions; you're gaining a reliable partner dedicated to keeping your data and operations secure.

Shannon Tankersley
(317) 676-3389
156 S Park Blvd.
Greenwood, IN 46143