Member Profile: Southwestern Consulting

By Southwestern Consulting | | 5.20.24

Southwestern Consulting is a team of experts in sales and leadership development with 165+ years of experience building individuals and businesses. They offer a variety of programs including 1:1 sales, leadership, executive and life coaching programs that help you increase sales and productivity, reframe your approach, streamline goals and renew your focus.

Whether you're looking for a one-time training or you want a robust program for your company, you need a team with the experience to take your people to the next level. With customized solutions to help target your team's pain points, the trainings can help you take your group to the next level.

Reach your goals, transform your team, and ignite with our programs:

Becca Goldsberry is a Certified Elite Sales and Leadership Coach and Certified Corporate Trainer for the last 12 years with SWC. She is an expert in sales, leadership, motivation, and productivity. Becca provides 1:1 coaching and customized sales and leadership training for clients around the world.

To learn more how Becca can serve you and your team please go to: Contact Becca Goldsberry Here or call her at 812-521-4574.