New Economic Impact Report Measuring the FedEx Effect in Indianapolis

By FedEx | | 10.6.21

Aspire Economic Development + Chamber Alliance

FedEx’s U.S. Economic Impact Report reveals the benefits and expanded opportunities in the daily lives of FedEx team members and their families, local small businesses, and vendors and suppliers in Indy and beyond. 

With 35 facilities across operating companies in Marion County and beyond, FedEx’s presence has continued to grow in the region throughout the pandemic.

Economic activity drops into our neighborhoods every day, centered around the FedEx Express Indianapolis hub, which is the second-largest facility in the country. 

FedEx has made a $1.5 billion investment at the Indianapolis International Airport. Not only does FedEx account for 22% of the total transportation sector employment in the entire country but its impact on the employment sector is indisputable. 

Despite transportation sector employment decreasing by 7.4% from 2019-2020, FedEx employment increased by 12.4% in that same time frame.