New Word-Based Organization System Coming to GPL

By Greenwood Public Library | | 2.2.20

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Greenwood Public Library (GPL) is getting ready to make it easier than ever to find the book you need, when you need it. Our new Subject Savvy system will not only make it easier to find individual books, but also to browse and discover new favorites. This word-based system thinks the way you do – in words! You’ve always been able to search our catalog with keywords or subjects, and now our shelves will also be organized with those subjects, rather than translated into numbers.

Have you ever walked into a library looking for a 398.2? How about an 811? Or, if you are a deep thinker – a 185? Unless you are a librarian (and probably not even then), it’s more likely that you came in looking for folktales, poetry, or philosophy. And then the friendly librarian or our computer catalog translated subject search to a number, which took you to your book. The only thing that is changing is the need for that translation.

Transforming our collection from Dewey Decimals to Subject Savvy will take us time, and you will likely see the nonfiction shelves in some disarray from time to time as these changes take effect. We ask for your patience as we make these changes. Signage will be in place to help you navigate during this transition, and our friendly librarians are also ready to help.

What’s changing:

  • No more abbreviations. (What’s a FIC PRO, anyway?)
  • No more numbers
  • One topic will not be spread over several areas of the library
  • Series fiction will include the series name and number on the spine label.
  • What’s not changing:
  • Your catalog search will still begin with words – but now it will also end with them.
  • Your friendly librarians – we are still here to help!
  • The books – and they’ll be easier than ever to find.

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