Seeking Locations for the 2020 Color the County Mural Program

By JCCF | | 3.18.20

The Johnson County Community Foundation Color the County Mural Program joins artists and communities through the collaborative process of mural making to create powerful artworks that can transform public spaces, neighborhood identities and individual lives.

Individuals, businesses, and/or government units are invited to submit proposals for site locations for the fifth year of the Color the County mural program. The selected location will be used to install a mural that represents our community. It is expected that the mural will create a pedestrian friendly, aesthetically pleasing environment for visitors and community members. Those looking to relocate to Johnson County often seek communities that include these types of amenities.

Murals shall be created on a building/structure that is clearly visible to pedestrians and motorists and easily viewable from the street/sidewalk. Mural location selection will be a collaborative effort by JCCF, mural artists, cities/towns and community members.

JCCF will provide funding for the creation and installation of the mural and the property owner will be responsible for mural maintenance as per JCCF’s guidelines. The selection of the artist who creates the mural will be later this spring; will be through the same collaborative process as noted above; and will include input from the site sponsor/owner.

JCCF’s goal is to spread public art around the community by the implementation of murals through the Color the County mural program. Interested individuals, businesses, and government units should submit pictures and address of potential mural location to Kim Minton at by Friday, April 10th. 

 JCCF has currently installed murals in the following locations: Franklin (4), Greenwood (1), Whiteland (1), Bargersville (1), Edinburgh (1) and Trafalgar (1). For more information visit or contact Kim Minton with any questions at