New Sewer Pipeline to Spur Development in Northwest Johnson County

By Aspire Economic Development + Chamber Alliance | | 4.11.22

Aspire Economic Development + Chamber Alliance

Greenwood is about to complete the construction of a major sanitary sewer pipeline in White River Township that will alleviate pressure on the current system and accommodate future growth in northwest Johnson County. The approximately $70 million project is expected to be completed later this year on schedule and $1 million under budget. Financing for the largest capital project in the city’s history came from loans issued through the State Revolving Fund.

The 10-mile pipeline will run throughout the township, serving about 10 square miles. It will accommodate additional subdivisions as well as potential commercial development that is likely to occur in downtown Greenwood, on south S.R. 135, and along the new portions of Interstate 69. This vital infrastructure will support continued growth in the fast-growing portion of Johnson County. Moreover, as the final section of the new I-69 is completed, it will ensure service is available for development along the new interstate.

The area will be served by Greenwood’s sanitary sewer utility, a separate entity from the City of Greenwood.

The new system will help keep Greenwood competitive in three ways, said Kevin Steinmetz, capital projects manager for the city: “It will make Greenwood a good steward of the environment, allow it to operate the system more efficiently, and accommodate current and new customers on the west side of the township.”

“Our goal is to create a more resilient sanitary sewer system that is more environmentally robust and would help modernize the system in White River Township,” said Steinmetz. He explained that the area had issues with sewer overflows, a common problem among older systems. The interceptor will help alleviate demands on the current sewer system and will accommodate future growth.

“Completion of the new interceptor will allow for additional capacity and hook-ups on the northwest side – including along I-69 – from Stones Crossing Road to County Line Road,” he noted.

Steinmetz explained that the new pipeline will complement the existing network serving northern Johnson County: the eastern interceptor which runs along Interstate 65 and the original mainline running along Pleasant Creek.

“This will allow Greenwood to get new customers for its system and help develop the area west of the city,” Steinmetz said.

The pipes range in diameter from eight inches up to 60 inches, Steinmetz said. “Think of it as the biggest artery in the system, carrying away nine million gallons of wastewater a day to the Indianapolis sewage treatment plant.” An additional benefit will be the elimination of 10 sewage lift stations, reducing the possibility of system failure, Steinmetz said.

“We’re more than 70 percent done,” Steinmetz concluded. “We’re in the home stretch. The completion date will depend in part on the weather.”

Strengthening infrastructure and extending it to strategic sites of potential growth is one of the key goals of Aspire’s five-year Economic Development Strategic Plan.

Additional information and a map are available here: Western Regional Interceptor | Greenwood, IN