Indiana Small Business Development Center Offers Digital Courses

By Indiana Small Business Center | | 12.9.20

The Indiana Small Business Development Center has partnered with Delta Research and Purdue University to create courses to assist Indiana businesses to adapt to the increasingly digital world. With COVID, many businesses have had to adopt this digital transformation very quickly with little time to address how digital transformation affects business strategy and security. Indiana businesses may take these courses at no cost.

There are currently 100 total seats left.

Strategy, Risk, and Security in Digital Transformation (4-hour seminar)

This course provides small and medium business owners with a practical guide to make informed decisions about digital transformation and cybersecurity to protect their businesses in an era of increased threat.

Applying Digital Tools to Your Business Operations (online, self-guided)

This course helps participants to develop a baseline knowledge for understanding and leading digital transformation within their organization, including HR, operations, and growth.

Cybersecurity for Your Business (online, self-guided)

This course provides business owners and leaders the strategy, education, and tools to safeguard their business against cybersecurity lapses.

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