The Importance of Professional Development

By Teresa M. Davis Lassiter, Program Manager of Professional Development and Continuing Education, IUI Office of Community Engagement | | 2.26.24

“Continuous personal and professional development is your key to the future.” Brian Tracy, Motivational Speaker and Self-Development author,

Organizational leaders have a long list of challenges including creating vision, motivating employees to achieve, balancing budgets, identifying new opportunities and risks, and avoiding costly mistakes. But the most important challenge, in this author’s humble opinion, is to recognize and retain top talent. Human resources are vitally critical to an organization’s success. With this in mind, employees who explore and delve into professional enrichment opportunities and who apply what they experienced can strengthen their professional brand and enhance their professional visibility. The return on investment can (and will) result in promotions, lay the groundwork for new career paths and support ascension to leadership roles.

Additionally, no matter where you are in your career journey, you should always be in the position to tell your story and to EVOLVE your story. Professional development and continuing education opportunities are abound to refresh or “upskill” your current abilities. Individuals should leverage these opportunities when available as the benefits outweigh the costs. You will excel and transform your intangible and tangible assets that will increase your value to any organization as well as to yourself.

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