Thriving Together: Building a Resilient Workforce and Community

By Joe Gervase, Owner, Why Dignify LLC, a franchisee with Goosehead Insurance, and a certified Freddie Mac CreditSmart Coach based in Greenwood, providing services throughout Indiana | | 1.8.24

As members of the business community, investing in the overall wellness of our local workforce can have significant benefits not only for individuals’ quality of life but also for fostering stakeholder engagement. There is a myriad of opportunities to collaborate with local companies and draw upon their expertise.

Recent times have brought forth a wide range of challenges, from inflation and natural disasters to the global pandemic, emphasizing the need for collective support within society. These events disrupt lives, communities, and economies, underscoring the importance of solidarity in the face of environmental challenges. Beyond health concerns, this cumulative experience has exacerbated economic inequalities and mental health challenges, necessitating a thoughtful and supportive approach.

Here are actionable ways to support your employees through valuable learning opportunities:

  • Financial Wellness Programs: Provide tailored financial literacy courses, lunches, webinars, and workshops for employees to enhance their money management skills. A review of budgeting, savings strategies, and investment basics may result in improved financial decision-making.
  • Proven Employee Benefits: Offer a combination of medical and supplemental plans with health savings and emergency savings accounts provide peace of mind in preventing unexpected financial challenges from derailing the gains of consistent work.
  • Education and Flexibility: Inspire a positive outlook by infusing opportunities to cross-train, up-skill, and adjust scheduling to suit personal appointments and obligations. A healthy work-life balance paired with motivation towards career progress will lead to greater satisfaction.
  • Merit-Based Rewards: Introduce merit-based rewards for individual finance goal achievements. Recognizing and celebrating employees who demonstrate responsible financial decisions can lead others to adopt similar habits.
  • Transparency on Business Finances: Increase transparency about the company's financial health. Providing insights into the organization's progress fosters trust and a sense of security among employees.
  • Address Mental Health: Mitigate the pressure related to finances as well as personal struggles. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s) ensure a confidential outlet for navigating life changes and adversity, often alleviating an impact on their performance.

It is crucial for businesses and community leaders to keep the interconnectedness of our well-being at the forefront. Ongoing check-ins, empathy, and support for one another are fundamental pillars of social resilience. Local business leaders can create a workplace culture that not only supports employees in their financial journey but also enhances their overall ability to endure hardships and achieve success.

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