VisionQuest Eyecare Providing Myopia Management Service for Children

By VisionQuest Eyecare | | 11.12.20

With childhood myopia increasing and 1 in 4 children affected by the condition, VisionQuest Eyecare in Greenwood is now providing expert care.

Led by Dr. Chris Browning, VisionQuest Eyecare has launched a partnership with Treehouse Eyes®, the country’s leading myopia management practice. The revolutionary system, designed to significantly reduce the threat of more serious eye diseases, is one of the most important innovations since glasses were first prescribed hundreds of years ago.

Multiple studies show myopia becoming much more common in children, showing up at earlier ages and progressing more rapidly. Many researchers believe reduced outdoor time and increased screen time on devices are part of the problem. Myopia often leads to struggles in school and activities for your child due to poor vision, as well as increased eye disease risks.

“Higher levels of myopia significantly increase your child’s risks for serious eye diseases, like retinal disease and glaucoma. Early intervention is key to slow or even stop the progression of myopia in your child,” said Dr. Browning.

There are now non-surgical treatments to improve your child’s vision and reduce their long-term eye health risks associated with myopia. VisionQuest starts with an exam of pediatric patients at their Greenwood office. Convenient appointments are available by calling 317. 317.865.6829 or visiting their website.

“There is now good evidence that more outdoor time for children can delay the onset of myopia,” Dr. Browning said. “More research is being done specifically in areas like blue light (due to devices), the impact of various positions when reading, etc.”

Despite best efforts, many children will still become myopic due to genetics. That is why Dr. Browning says an annual comprehensive eye exam with an eye doctor is critical. 

VisionQuest Eyecare also has an office on Indianapolis’ east side and a new location in the Geist area. The staff provides comprehensive eye health services including regular exams, vision therapy, pediatric eyecare and treatment of diabetes-related vision conditions.

Learn more about VisionQuest on their website.

Learn more about VisionQuest’s Myopia Management for Children services.

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