New Hoosier Talent Network Links Employers with Workers Displaced by COVID

By Aspire Economic Development + Chamber Alliance | | 1.4.22

Aspire Economic Development Chamber Alliance Johnson County Indiana

Help is on the way for employers struggling to find workers. The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has unveiled the Hoosier Talent Network to connect them with workers disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak.

“In today’s economy, employers are seeking to find help, and workers impacted by COVID are searching for employment that utilizes their skills,” explained Vice President of Investor Development and Relations Angela Vandersteen. Now, DWD has launched the Hoosier Talent Network, a database to help match people to the right jobs and employers find people with the skills they need.”

“This is a new and different resource for employers to use to find workers,” Vandersteen added. “It could help them find the right candidate faster and save time in the search and interview process.”

Vandersteen noted that the program could also benefit the community in a variety of ways: “Employers finding workers will help them be more productive, serve the community better, possibly generate more income and recover from the labor force disruptions faster.”

Aspire has been proactive in bringing information about the new Hoosier Talent Network to its members. In November, Aspire hosted Josh Richardson, chief of staff for DWD, at its Business Matters luncheon to explain the program and respond to questions.

Vandersteen wrapped up by noting, “The issue with employment is not only finding talent but retaining it. Tools like the Hoosier Talent Network — that can help employers better identify candidates with matching skills to their open positions — will help with retention and training costs, positively impacting area employers.”

Aspire President and CEO Christian Maslowski concurred, adding that efforts to formalize and market a business retention and expansion program is part of Aspire’s 5-year Economic Development Strategic Plan.

“The biggest benefit of the Hoosier Talent Network is that the site is powered by artificial intelligence to help jobseekers find the right opportunities that match their skills,” explained Scott Olson, DWD director of media.

“By better understanding their skills and capabilities, the online tool is able to unlock those opportunities based on an individual’s unique potential,” Olson noted. “But it’s not just for job seekers. Companies that are hiring can also use the advanced technology available to get matched with all types of potential workers.”

Olson added, “Employers can access the tool by visiting and clicking on ‘Employers’ at the top of the page. Then they can create an account to start sourcing job candidates.”

“Another resource available to employers is 180 Skills,” Olson added. “Employers can access training programs for employees free of charge, enabling individuals to complete courses to improve their skills in several different areas and gain industry-recognized credentials.” 

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